MindManager X5

MindManager X5

MindManager is a program where we can visualize our ideas and thoughts

Mindmanager is really the manager for our mind. We can visualize our thoughts using this program. If we are working on something that needs creative thinking and we need more memory, we can use this program! It is filled with a lot of tools or features. It has got a very nice interface.

At first, we will see a program with a small box "Central Topic". We begin by inserting our topic name. Then we can add more topics that branch off from the central topic. We can use different types of boxes and connectors like a flowchart, showing that a particular item is a subtopic or is just related to it.

We can make use of its support for the Micorosoft office files to add objects. So the spreadsheets can be inserted.

Review tools, spelling checker, task priority setting, timer, etc are some of its features. There are also a lot of templates yo choose from.

Well, I didn't really like the editing style and I think it is not much user friendly. They could have done some improvements in the program that the users can edit and link the various topics easily. But anyway, this is a really good program to be rated five.

Zack Martin
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  • Support MS Office files
  • A lot of features


  • Editing is not that easy (user friendly)
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